Refund and Exchange Policy · 退款与交换政策


1. We strictly do not provide the refund in cash.

2. Any refund will be in term of Gift Card and will be sent to customer's e-mail.

3. Items available for the refund as Gift Card:

  • oversold color or design
  • sold out item

4. If you receive a defective product, please notify us within 7 days.

Step 1: Contact us for more assistance.

Step 2: Send back the defective item in original condition.

Step 3: A new and quality checked item will be sent out once we receive the returned parcel.

NOTE: Postage will be charged on us, please provide us the receipt to claim.

5. For defect item that has been sold out, we will refund as Gift Card. Customer may also opt to exchange for other design/product. 


1. Item is NOT available for exchange

  • dissatisfaction with the product due to personal reasons
  • displayed color is different from the actual product

NOTE: Please bear in mind that photo may slightly different from actual item in terms of color due to the lighting during photo shooting or the monitor’s display.

2. For exchange of items, customers are required to post back the item within 7 days including the weekend

3. For exchange item, it must be in its original condition, the same packaging.

4. Customers are required to bear RM8/WM, RM12/EM postage fee for exchange.

5. Upon receiving the returned parcel, the customer may place an order for the exchange of design/product. We do not practice reservation policy to exchange item.

6. If the customer does not have any item to exchange, the store credit can be kept for next purchase. Store credit has no expiry date

 7. For exchange, please return the parcel to this address: 

SY Online Venture Sdn Bhd 
1st Floor of 16,
Jalan Idaman, 
Taman Idaman, 
14100 Simpang Ampat, Pulau Pinang.

NOTE: Customers are required to include the order number beside their name when returning the parcel.


1. 我们不支持现金退款。

2. 任何的退款都会以电子礼卷卡替代,礼卷卡会以电邮的方式发出哦。

3. 以下是符合电子礼卷卡对款的条件:

  • 产品颜色/设计缺货
  • 产品已售罄/完售

4. 若收到缺陷产品,请于7天内联系我们哦。





5. 若此缺陷产品已售罄,我们将以电子礼卷卡替代现金退款。您可使用此礼卷购买其他产品。礼卷卡是没有使用期限的哦。


1. 以下理由不构成退换的理由:

  • 因个人因数而要求退还产品
  • 实货的颜色与照片/影片的颜色稍有落差


2. 请于7天内把您要退换的产品邮寄回来给我们。

3. 请确保退换的产品是原状包装的哦。

4. 您需要自行承担重发的费用哦。(西马:RM8;东马:RM12)

5. 收到您退换的产品后,您便可重新下单您想购买的产品了。我们不提供预留这项服务的哦。

6. 若您暂时没有您想购买的产品,金额会以电子礼卷卡替代。礼卷卡是没有使用期限的哦。

7. 请把您要退换的产品邮寄到以下的地址:

SY Online Venture Sdn Bhd 
1st Floor of 16,
Jalan Idaman, 
Taman Idaman, 
14100 Simpang Ampat, Pulau Pinang.