Cheap yet Compatible 3D Pen for Children and Adults

Design your Creativity with 3D pen.


Design Makes Everything Practical!

Drawing and Writing in air is now possible with the Three Dimensional Pen, 3D Pen as short. Sounds ridiculous? Let's see how amaze it can be. 

So, what is a 3D pen? It actually looks alike with those ordinary pen/pencil, just slightly bulkier than them, and colored ABS plastic is used as its filament instead. The plastic filament allows you to draw on any surface easily and even drawing in the air becomes much more easier now. 

Many of you might still have tons of uncertainty towards this 3D Pen, isn't it?


  • Will it be difficult to use?
  • What make it so special?
  • What can we do with it?
  • How does it operate?
  • Is it suitable for adults or kids?
  • Where to get the filaments?

Don’t worry, all these questions will be answered accordingly as below:

1. Will It be Difficult to Use?

3D Pen Learning Instruction.

Of course, everything comes with a learning curve. Thus, some practices are needed to perfectly master the 3D pen. However, this 3D pen is definitely easy to use and user-friendly that from the first day itself you will fall in love with it. There is no much difference in holding the 3D pen than a regular pen/pencil but the 3D pen can be much more performative in various ways.  

2. What Makes It so Special?

As compared to normal pen/pencil, It really helps you to create a real-time 3D object. All you need is your creative skill. By using this pen, it will unleash all your hidden potential. In addition, it's incredible silent operating mode is definitely the another selling point of this 3D pen. If you hate super-fast or super-slow extrusion, this pen will doubtlessly be your best choice. It lets you to take over the control on your own preferred speed. The adjustable feed regulates your comfort and the ease of drawing. Last but not least, the 3D pen will switch to standby mode if it stop operating in 5 minutes time. This is best to prevent overheating issue. 

3. What Can We Do with It?

3D Pen turns creativity into practical products.

This 3D pen enables you to turn your creativity into practical product such as jewellery, figure and more. In addition, it does give you an imaginative yet realistic opportunities to reinvent your childhood pleasure. Just hold this amazing pen once and start doodling, non-stop challenging your deepest creativity. With this extraordinary professional tool never fails to shape out anything you want. 

4. How Does It Operates?

Specification for 3D Pen.

Before you can start drawing, below are some guidance to set up your pen.

Power On: Connect to wall-charger and turn it on for power supply. It will take a couple of minutes to heat up. There are LED lights on it which tell you when it’s got the full temperature. The 3D pen is ready to use when the LED light turns green.

Select and Insert the Filament: Select the filament you wanted to print with and slide it into the filament input port. The tiny hole for inserting thin filament is located next to the power port. 

Note: Please trim the end of the filament after every time use as it helps to prevent jamming. Once the filament is set all the way down into the pen, press the extrude button. You should feel the internal motor start to pull on the filament.

Select the Speed Setting: Select the fast setting to pull in the filament and press the extrude button until the melted filament starts to come out of the tip of the pen. After all, you may freely adjust the extrusion according to how or what you are drawing. 

5. Is It Suitable for Adults or Kids?

This 3D pen is suitable for both adults and kids. It can be one of the best entertainment for bonding. It is ideal for adults to fill up their spare time and release their stress at the same time. On the other hand, this 3D pen is also best to integrate child's creativity. The design put together with kids in mind where the 3D pen is easy to use and has enough feature to keep them happy for a long time. Still, parent provision is encouraged for kids aged 8 and below.  

6. Where can I get the Filaments?

Filaments for 3D Pen

It is not a big deal. This 3D pen comes along with 20 colors of filaments at 5 meters each. ( 5 meters x 20 colors = 100 meters). After you finish up all the 20 colors, you can still come back to us anytime as we do sell the filaments separately. After all, enjoy your fun time with the 3D pen again and again :)

Little Thing Can Do Bigger Idea!

All in all, this small device goes beyond casual fun. It is definitely a fantastic gift for all who are always up for learning new and exciting things!