The Best Affordable Heads-up Display(HUD)

Day Time Heads-up Display (HUD) Demo
Nowadays, overdose use of smartphone can be easily seen at anywhere, anytime and even behind the wheel. Distraction on the road can be fatal as using smartphone while driving is nasty. It will definitely cause physical and visual distraction in some way.
Some may say:" I need my phone as my navigation device." but somehow it cannot be used as an excuse for you to play on phone while driving. Scrolling your phone behind the wheel will never be the right road safety rules. 

Know road safety, No injury.
No road safety, Know injury. 

Thus, different navigation devices are created to accommodate the market needs. 
NOW, a much more advanced navigation device, the heads-up display, or better known as "HUD" is officially launched.
The HUD is an add-on car accessory that are specially designed to keep driver's eyes where they belong: on the road and focused forward.  This cool yet inexpensive creation will always be your best companion on road, doubtlessly. It does adding an immeasurable level of safety and security to the driving experience for you and your family.

HUD Best for Accident Prevention.

Why does HUD matter ? 

Do you think car mount is good enough to hold your device? Is it really convince you 100% in navigation?
A big NO is awarded! The car mount or even the GPS device will never be the best navigation supporter on road. WHY? Because no matter where you mount your device, it will still block your view or make you look away from the road in some way. A one second glance is powerful enough to cause accidents!
Why not just give a try on the HUD? It can definitely amaze you with a completely fabulous navigation experience. 

What makes HUD so unique?

The idea behind it is that by showing some navigation-critical information in your regular line of sight, it will help to reduce your time in paying attention looking around the car for your smartphone or checking the speed. The HUD can be placed on the dashboard of any car models as a standalone addition with your cellphone mounted on top of it. The navigation information can be projected at eye level onto the windshield and allows you to quickly grasp it without looking away. The more time with your eyes on the road means lesser accidents, and safer drivers all around.

Heads-up Display (HUD) APP's Displays

How does the HUD work?

The HUD is best paired with the applications distinctively developed for HUD: Navier HUD 3 for Android and HUDWAY Go for iOS. 
These APPs are basically operate by brightly displaying a reverse image of your navigation (tracked through the phone’s internal GPS) on the windshield. The display will reflects the images on a completely transparent lens no matter in dim/bright lightning conditions. What you need to do is just adjust the brightness of your cellphone according to the lightning conditions. Your windshield then reflects this image back to you with any information the app collects.

You may go for any HUD apps found in
Google Store / Apple Store as well. 

Although there is no exact data to prove how many accidents are caused by drivers looking at their cellphone while driving in Malaysia but there are studies in Britian and the United State showed that 25% of all accidents are caused due to the improper use of cellphone in some way! 
Heads up displays are a smart, safe, and possibly soon-to-be vital technology that could have the potential to revolutionize the way we drive in the future. 
Let's give it a try and make driving a lot more fun than before!

Prepare and prevent, don’t repair and repent.

HUD Assist You to Drive Safe and Smart.