The Best Activity and Fitness Tracker in 2017

Featuring a new design with interchangeable bands and a larger display, the Lollipop F1 enable delivery of information at just a glance. No more holding your phone while workout, no more worries on missing any important calls/texts, this Fitness Tracker track you over a wide range of activities including heart rate monitor, message push, call alert, calories burned and more. 

In addition, the interchangeable bands allow you to freely fix yourself up with your daily outfit and state of mind accordingly. 

Below are the color choices:

Interchangeable Band for Lollipop F1 Fitness Tracker

Why Should You Get A Fitness Band?

Lollipop F1 Fitness Tracker boosts up Your Workout

Being fashionable is always important but being healthy is definitely the essential to take over the control on what to wear. Thus, other than seeing this fitness tracker as a trendy accessories, you can also make it your best companion to shape your body up.

Somehow, if you’re expecting a fitness tracker to work as a magic bullet for you to getting fitter and losing weight without putting in any effort, you will definitely be disappointed. You will still need to put in some hard work and have a balance diet to optimize the outcomes.

If you are a new to fitness training, don't worry, there are sets of training program in the fitness application specifically created to fulfill your different demands. These training programs provide you a full workout routine for four weeks. Later, you may slowly advance your workout into next level and sooner the positive impacts can be easily seen. 

Similarly, if you are a regular sportsperson, please do take the time to understand some of the additional data and insights provided by your fitness tracker – it may help to double up your fitness outcomes, resulting you a better potential in your workouts. 

If you’re not committed, your shiny new fitness tracker might soon find its way down the back of a drawer, never to be used again. Yet, the better ones will keep you motivated and you will absolutely on the right track to succeed. 

What makes the Fitness Tracker so Different?

Multi Functions Found in Lollipop F1 Fitness Tracker

Above are the overall functions can be found in this Fitness Tracker and below are some further information for this Fitness Tracker. 

1. Water Intake Reminder

Many health authorities do recommend to consume up to eight cups of water (around 2 Liters) per day but this number is completely random. Water requirement is basically depending on the individual. People who sweat more will definitely need more water than those who are not so active. Thus, this function helps in reminding you to consume plentiful of water for different purposes.

For example, the water intake reminder happens to call your attention for taking in some water before your meal. Drinking water before meals can reduce your appetite and it does further helps you to losing some weight in the end. 

Apart from that, below are some of the benefits of sufficient water intake:

  • Increases Energy & Relieves Fatigue
  • Flushes Out Toxins
  • Improves Skin Complexion
  • Maintains Regularity
  • Boosts Immune System
  • Natural Headache Remedy
  • Prevents Cramps & Sprains
  • Puts you in Good Mood
  • Save Money

2. Sleep Monitor

A good sleep is definitely one of the good way to release your tiredness throughout the day. Furthermore, sleep quality is always essential because we spend ⅓ of life in bed. A good quality night's sleep will significantly impact your daily routine and make you more energetic during the day time. To avoid any nights that lead to exhausted day at work, Lolipop F1 steps into play.

Fitness Wristband Sleep Monitoring

It supports the following features and functionalities:

  • Automatic Sleep Detection 
  • Sleep Onset Latency – the time it takes you to fall asleep 
  • Specific period of time you were awake during sleep 
  • Light Sleep 
  • Deep Sleep  
  • Total Sleep Time
With the comprehensive analysis of your sleeping cycle, a quality night's sleep won’t be a wild wish anymore.

3. Sedentary Reminder

No one country is immune to obesity and every country has an increase in obesity rate yearly. The sedentary behavior (measured by time spent sitting) is the reason leads to higher rates of obesity. Thus, the sedentary will remind you to take a walk regularly. Sooner or later, you will be conscious to have a consistent walk after some time. This reminder can definitely helps in losing some weight as well. 

Apart from that, the sedentary behavior can also leads to Type 2 Diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and premature death.

You can set to switch off the sedentary alert during your lunch break or meeting or whenever you need a longer sitting time than usual. 

How to Use the Fitness Tracker?

Lollipop F1 Activity Wristband Activation

Before the initial use, you will need to charge for 10 minutes to activate your new device. After that, the device will only need an hour to be fully charged. The one time charge allows the Fitness Tracker to be in action for seven days and it can even last for 15 days during standby mode.  

In addition, there is also an companion application specially developed for Lollipop F1, named "DroiHealth" which is suitable for both Android and iOS. A good fitness tracker APP allows you to get an overview of your fitness. Apart from that, it can even track your exercise routine and calculate the calories burnt throughout your fitness progress. Other than that, some exercise guidance is provided in the APP as well. By following the guidance, you can easily identify trends or areas for improvement.

Overall, this fitness tracker is definitely convenient for all, either you are new or experienced. You can definitely retrieve your body for a better and healthier lifestyle as long as you put in adequate amount of effort. 

The Right Fitness Tracker Boosts Up Your Workout.