Value Buy Portable Palmtop LED Projector 2017

The Revolution - Size Transformation

Compare Portable and Full-size Projector.

NOW, the market is literally flooded with various portable micro projectors. They are much more advanced than before and they are improved with better picture quality, brightness, contrast ratio and resolution. Thus, traditional projector is no longer a optimum use for all.  

It’s time for a palmtop projector to share your digital content at a fraction of the cost of purchasing a full-size projector. Enjoy HD 1080p quality projection up to 100 inches on any flat surface without worrying about the messy wires. 

This palmtop projector is bridging mobility, the sharing experience and the need to truly enjoy what, when and where you want.

Next generation home theater

Home Theater with Portable Projector

This compact projector will enhance your lifestyle with more ways to share your content, with its embedded High Definition (HD) 1080p LCD LED palmtop projector that creates a second screen for projecting HD digital content. The "second screen" can be projected on any flat surface up to 100” to serve a variety of purposes where sharing content big screen will enhance the experience. 


  • Family Entertainment
  • Friends Gathering
  • Professional Presentation
  • Educational Project

This projector does offer a range of inputs include AV, HDMI, USB and SD Card. Thus, all of your favorite content as well as the unlimited streaming of digital content from your favorite websites can be easily projected through these inputs.  

You can create movie night anytime you want with the compact projector for the supreme digital experience. It is also tremendous for livening up your hostel with your favorite video media and practicing presentations. The built-in speaker further double up your enjoyment. You may also freely plug in your best-loved speaker or headset to enjoy the ultimate theater experience within the comfort and convenience of your own home.

Unique Features of This Projector

Specifications of Portable Palmtop Projector

  • Portable Power Supply

The compact projector support power supply by portable charger with 5V/2A output. Connect the projector Micro USB port with portable charger 5V/2A out port via USB cable to charge the projector. 

  • Light and Lifespan

 The LED lights used in this micro projector has a long-lasting lamp life, up to 30,000 hours which is a cost saver in long term since replacement lamps can be quite pricey. Furthermore, the power consumption is between 10W and 24W, is pretty cost saving as well. 

  • Advanced Cooling System

This projector is well-compacted with great cooling system, prevent overheating after a long period use. Note: Please do not cover the ventilation holes with any cloth, carpet and etc as this action will affect the cooling process. 

What Influence the Image Quality?

The Throw Ratio and Brightness are correlated and they are definitely the main impacts to monopoly the image quality. 

1. Throw Ratio

Throw ratio is a specification that is determined by the first two pieces of information in the equation:

  • How far is the projector is from the screen (throw distance)?
  • How wide is the screen?

Throw Ratio Calculation for Portable Projector


(Throw Ratio: Distance/Width)

  • Screen Width: 10 feet
  • Projector-to-Screen Distance: 20 feet
  • Required Throw Ratio: 2:1

This palmtop projector's throw ratio is 1.6:1 is a standard-throw projector. It needs only 2 meter distance to project a big screen up to 60 inches without influencing the image quality. 

2. Brightness

Brightness of projector is measured by ANSI lumens, lumens as short. How much brightness is needed to project a content? Light is subject to the Inverse Square Law where the light intensity is inversely proportional to the square of distance. Thus, shorter projection distance will need fewer lumens to project crisp image. 

In addition, the LED lights used in this projector does help in increasing the brightness. Therefore, it resulting in an excellent image quality even with only 600 lumens. Apart from that, the focus mode can also be adjusted manually and support up to 100 inches projection in a totally dark atmosphere. 

Precious Bonding Time at Home.


The best time are always found when family and friends gather round.

This compact and lightweight portable palmtop projector turns every corner of your house into a home theater. The pleased and relaxed surrounding works best in enhancing your bonding time with your family and friends.