Car Tire Compressor


Tire deflated out of a sudden and you are running out of time?

Somehow, there is no petrol station around you?

Feeling helpless at that moment?

The Need for Speed: Fast Tire Inflators

Our [ Tyre Compressor ] is definitely essential for you !!!

– The Tyre Pump is connected to the cigarette lighter to function.

– The Tyre Repairing Kit helps in temporary patching the tire.

– This Tyre Compressor is small and will not occupy too much of space. (15.60 x 8.00 x 14.50 cm)

–  It is powerful to inflates max. 100 PSI, suitable up to 4×4 vehicles.

–  The different nozzles can be used to pump in air for different objects such as bicycle tyre, ball and etc.


1 x Car Tyre Compressor
1 x Tyre Repairing Kit
1 x Manual
3 x Nozzle Adapter