Panoramic Wifi Security Camera


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One piece solution for for every household and business needs.


360 panoramic view – Ultra wide angle Lens combined with HD 960p sensor provides a 360 panoramic view of the room. Recording every corner of the room constantly at high definition.

Advanced Night Vision with built-in infrared LED beads extend the viewing distance in pitch dark, providing clear images even in the darkest environment.

Two Way Audio function with build in Microphone & speaker, enabling sound recording and enables communication with the other side though the camera & mobile app.

Motion Detection enables camera to detect any movement in the area, sending notification to your mobile device and alerting the user if there’s any event of break in.

Build in Wi-Fi enables simple installation and smart access from your mobile device with VR Camera app, listen and view family and pets through the application on the mobile phone whenever and wherever.

User-friendly and Intuitive App to set-up and to controls the camera. Supports large number of survaillance camera under the same app, make viewing quick and convinient with only few touches on your screen.

Easy installation, Just plug in the cemera and download VR Camera app from app store (supports Android & Apple), follow in-app simple step-by-step and you are ready to go.

32GB Micro SD Card supports which allows 4 to 5 days of non stop recording & viewing. Older Footage will automatically be overwritten when the storage is full.


Package Includes:
-Panoramic Wifi Survaillance Camera
-Power Cable
-Mounting Screws
-Instruction Manual
(Memory Card Not Included)