TP-Link Smart Security Camera



Full HD 360 Degree Smart Security Camera Solution


High-Performance CMOS sensor equipped, Full HD1920x1080 extra sharp video quality providing perfect crystal clear view for your home or office.

Double Motor build in enables the camera to rotate up to 340° Horizontal & 68° Vertical, pairing with wide angle lens, Providing total 360° of the room with the swipe on your mobile phone.

Remote Monitoring & Control support allows the user to access the camera anywhere through the internet, Life view, playback or rotating the camera. Easily able to monitor any angle anywhere you are.


Triple Intelligence Security System:

  • Motion Detection: enables the camera to detect any movement in the area, sending notification to your mobile device and alerting the user if there’s any unusual movement in the area.
  • Intelligent Tracking: Turning on Intelligent Tracking mode allows the camera to rotate & tilt to follow moving objects in the room, recording real-time and retain the evidence
  • Warning Alarm: Once Active Defense Mode is on, the camera will automatically sound an alarm when it detects any moving objects, warning intruders that they are being monitored and drive them away.


Two Way Audio with build in Microphone & speaker, enabling sound recording and enables communication with the other side through the camera & mobile app.

Advanced Night Vision with built-in infrared LED beads automatically switches on to extend the viewing distance in low light condition, providing clear images even in the darkest environment.

Multiple Android & iOS support allow users to fully operate the camera easily with most of the devices. It also supports multiple Cameras and multiple devices that ables multiple people to operate the camera.

128GB Micro SD Card Support which allows up to 384 hours of non-stop recording & viewing. Older footage will be automatically overwritten when the storage is full.



Wi-Fi: 2.4 GHz 150Mbps
Power: 9V
Power Consumption: 5.4W Max
Size: 8smm x 82mm x 122mm
Weight: 193g