360° Wifi CCTV
双天线 360° 闭路电视

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Simple & Effective solution for every household and business needs.


355° Horizontal & 120° Vertical Rotation range, combined with High-definition 1280x960 170° ultra wide-angle glass lens creates a complete 360° coverage. Make viewing every corner of the floor area possible.

Advanced Night Vision with 10 built-in infrared LED beads extend the viewing distance in low light condition, providing clear images even in the darkest environment

Two Way Audio function with build in Microphone & speaker, enabling sound recording and enables communication with the other side through the camera & mobile app.

Motion Detection enables the camera to detect any movement in the area, sending notification to your mobile device and alerting the user if there's an event of break in.

Dual Wi-Fi Antenna ensures reliable Wi-Fi connectivity to access your camera from your mobile device with Yosee app anytime, anywhere.

User-friendly and Intuitive App to set-up and to controls the camera. Supports large numbers of surveillance camera under the same app, make viewing quick and convenient with only a few touches on your screen.

Easy installation, Just plug in the camera and download Yosee app from app store (supports Android & Apple), follow in-app simple step-by-step and you are ready to go.

64GB Micro SD Card Support which allows up to 2 months of non-stop recording & viewing. Older footage will be automatically overwritten when the storage is full.


Package Includes:
-360° Wifi Surveillance Camera
-Power Cable
-Mounting camera holder & Screws
-User Manual
(Memory Card Not Included)



而且还有 超级红外夜视哟!


- 双天线:有效提高网络质量,让网速提升且稳定。
- 内置麦克风&喇叭:支持双向沟通,让您与家人随时随地都能通过CCTV保持联系。同时,也能达到吓跑可疑人物的一种功能。
- 红外夜视:内置 的 IR LED 灯在灯光不足的情况下会自动启动以确保摄像的品质。无论白天或夜晚都能达到最佳的监控效果。
- 移动侦测:当CCTV检测到不寻常的移动时,系统将自动并直接传送警告给您。
- 支持 iOS/Android/Windows 的智能设备,轻松滑动手指头就能监视各个角落。
- 支持多人同时远程监控/观看回放
- 32GB MicroSD 记忆卡可录制1个月。(最高64GB = 2个月)

1 x CCTV
1 x 说明书
1 x CCTV 支架

注意: 內存卡需另外购买哦.