Full Colour Round Screen Smart Watch

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Our Latest and most advance smartwatch to date.
Multiple Functions Accurately record all-day activities. It can display steps taken, distance traveled, calorie burned, 24 hours heart rate monitor, call/SMS message alert, alarm clock, sedentary reminder, remote control phone camera/music etc. Use as fitness tracker, health tracker, pedometer watch, sports watch, activity tracker to help you keep up with your busy lifestyle.

Full Color Screen & IP67 Certification 1.3-inch LCD Color Screen offers excellent image quality. IP67 waterproof and dust-proof rating standards can protect this smart bracelet from damage against water, rain, sweat. Washing face, taking a bath, doing housework, walking under rain, a short time swimming , never worry about damage because of water issues.

Heart Rate/ Blood Pressure/ Blood Oxygen Monitor This smart watch has heart rate, blood pressure and blood oxygen monitoring. Check your 24 real-time heart rate/blood pressure/blood oxygen continuously on your wrist without an uncomfortable chest strap. You can take the historical data as health guidance and easier to know about your recent time health status, make it become your healthy partner.

Various Sport Modes including run, ride, swim to specifically increase the accuracy of the data. Enables you to monitor your heart rate during exercise tracking and improving performance.

Wide Compatibility Download and install the app by scanning the QR code printed in the manual. Connected using Bluetooth 4.0 to ensure stable connection throughout the day. It also support WeChat Motion, enables you and your friend to compare data & compete with each other.

200 mAh Battery paired with bluetooth 4.0 support allows the fully charged smart watch to last for up to 100-130 hours, up to 5 days per charge.

Screen Size: 1.3 TFT 240*240, IPS full viewing angle
Waterproof Rating: IP67
Bluetooth version: BLE 4.0
Battery Life: 100-130 hours

Battery Capacity: 200mAh





1.3英寸IPS高清全彩屏,可随心却换不同表盘,给您不一样的视觉体验,绚丽彩屏拒绝单调黑白屏。采用 2.5D 钢化玻璃镜片盖板,外壳采用不锈钢金属材质,兼顾着颜值与品质,让表盘通透性和防刮指数进一步升级。

手环采用了全封闭结构设计, 达到了IP67防水国际标准认证。



广泛的兼容性通过扫描手册中的QR码下载并安装应用程序。使用Blueetooth 4.0连接,确保全天稳定连接。它还支持微信运动,使您和您的朋友能够比较数据并相互竞争。

200 mAh电池与蓝牙4.0支持配对,使充满电的智能手表可以持续长达100-130小时,每次充电最多5天。

屏幕尺寸:1.3 TFT 240 * 240,IPS全视角
蓝牙版本:BLE 4.0