Miniature Wifi Security Camera

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Miniature low profile monitoring for your desk


Build in Wifi allows remote access from your mobile phone anytime & anywhere through mobile app.

Battery powered enables the camera to record up to 120 minutes per full charge, making it mobile and continues recording even when the power is out. Camera can be use continuously with power plugged in

Night Vision with 5 built-in infrared LED beads enables the camera to see clearly even in low light condition.

32GB Micro SD Card Support which allows non-stop recording & viewing. Older footage will automatically be overwritten when the storage is full.


Package Includes:
-Miniature Wifi Surveillance Camera
-Micro USB Charging Cable & Adapter<
-Camera Mount & Stand
-Card Reader
-Instruction Manual
(Memory Card not Included)





- 这一款【迷你监控器】在满电的情况下可支持大概120分钟的录制。

- 您也可以选择连接电源继续录制但不建议长期以这样的方式操作哦。

- 它最高可支持 32GB Micro SD 记忆卡,可录大约3-4天。

- 在记忆卡满额的情况下会自动覆盖最旧的监控纪录,确保不会漏拍。

- 它能提供远程监控,当您身在他处也能第一时间掌控最新实况。

- 它配有IR LED灯,在灯光不足/零灯光的情况下也能捕抓到清晰的画面。


1 x 迷你监控器
1 x 迷你监控器支架
1 x mini USB 数据线
1 x 使用说明书