Health Monitor Fitness Tracker   多功能智能手环
Health Monitor Fitness Tracker   多功能智能手环
Fitness Wristband Boost up Your Workout
Health Monitor Fitness Tracker   多功能智能手环
Health Monitor Fitness Tracker   多功能智能手环
Activate your Fitness Tracker in 10 minutes
Interchangeable band for your favourite Activity Wristband

Health Monitor Fitness Tracker 多功能智能手环

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The obesity rate is increasing in all countries and no one country is immune to it.

Sooner or later, obesity can further lead to more diseases such as Type 2 Diabetes, Heart Diseases and etc.

Therefore, each of us will doubtlessly need to put in some effort to shape up our body. 

Prevention is Better than Cure!

Our [ Health Monitor Fitness Tracker ] can absolutely help you in retrieving your body, stay healthy is never be a wild wish anymore. 

The help of this smartwatch can definitely make your exercise/sports activities much more convincing. 

It built-in with multi-functions and below are some of them:

- Heart Rate Measurement: Heart rate is the speed of the heartbeat measured by the number of contractions of the heart per minute (bpm).A normal resting heart rate for adults ranges from 60 to 100 beats a minute. 

- Water Intake Reminder: It helps in reminding to consume sufficient waterfor different purpose such as flushes out toxins, improve your metabolism and etc.

- Exercise Monitor:It enables to track your sports distance and total calories burnt while working out. 

- Sleep Monitor: It assists to trace your sleeping quality and further helping you to analyze your sleeping cycle.

- Sedentary reminder: It helps in alerting you to take a walk after some time. Soon, it turns into your daily habit after some time.

NOTE: This product is applicable to most kind of smart devices such as iPhone, iPad, Samsung and etc. 


 1 x Health Monitor Smart Bracelet
 1 x User Manual








    以下是这一款 【多功能智能手环】的主要功能:

    - 心率侦测:心率是指正常人安静状态下每分钟心跳的次数,也叫安静心率,一般为60~100次/分钟。

    - 饮水提醒:多喝水是拥有健康的第一步。摄取足够的水分能有效地把体内的毒素排出体外。所以,这一个功能可以协助您养成多喝水的习惯。

    - 运动侦测:内置的运动距离能有效地计算您的运动量和所消耗的卡路里。

    - 睡眠监测:这一个功能能有效的追踪并分析您的睡眠质量并配有静音震动闹钟。

    - 久坐提醒:这一个功能在发现您久坐不动的时候会提醒您多多走动。久而久之,它能让您把多走动变成一种习惯。

    注:这一款产品可支持大部分的智能设备如 iPhone,iPad,三星等。


     1 x 多功能智能手环
     1 x 使用说明书

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